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Melissa McKechnie

Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Kids CrossFit Coach
CPR Certified
I have been doing functional fitness since February 2016 at Limerick Athletics. I didn’t truly fall in love with working out until my twenties when I discovered fun group classes like kickboxing and dance. Growing up, I was never exposed to sports/fitness unless it was in gym class at school. I was always intimidated by group sports because of bad experiences growing up. Because of that fear, I wasn’t an active child/teen. I started CrossFit 8 months after having my first daughter. I gained way too much weight during pregnancy on top of starting out overweight. I remember having to wear my husbands T-shirts the first couple months of CrossFit because none of my workout clothes fit; but I was determined! I was fortunate there was a nutrition challenge starting up within my first month as well.
Between my motivation for change, the fun & challenging workouts, the information & support given in the nutrition challenge, and the amazing community of coaches and peers, I was able to lose 55 pounds in 9 months… I was the fittest and healthiest that I have ever been! I then got pregnant with my second daughter, but this time I kept up with the workouts and nutrition. It made such a difference in how I felt and how I was able to continue afterwards too. CrossFit is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… and I owe my success to the amazing atmosphere. The second you walk in the door, people are so welcoming. Then, during the workouts the coaches and members are so encouraging. There have been times when I would be doubting myself or finishing last but during those times there were people there cheering me on and encouraging me to keep going. THIS is what I was missing growing up. THIS is the atmosphere needed in kid’s lives today. I have been working with kids my whole life. I started as a mother’s helper, then a babysitter, a daycare worker, a nanny, a third grade teacher, a Pre-K teacher & mom of two. I received my CrossFit Kids Coach’s Certification in February 2019. I love teaching kids and I love CrossFit, and I’m glad I can lead the kids program here. I want to give kids a place where they can have a positive atmosphere when working out. My goal is for kids to have fun and enjoy this active lifestyle to set them up for a healthy future!
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