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Christmas Cotter

Group Class Coach Private Lessons / Personal Training
Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Schwinn Indoor Cycling Classic Cerfication
Basic Life Support Certification (Includes CPR)
I can truthfully say I was the least athletic person ever. I tried every sport, yes, every sport (cross country, soccer, squash, basketball, swimming, field hockey, softball, and tennis). The only sport I ever stuck with was Lacrosse, and now Crossfit. My dad had started going to a box in Northeast Philly and wanted to get me, his overweight daughter, to try and get healthy. The gym was trialing a teen class, so I nervously worked out with three other teenage boys. The workout that day was Death by 10 meters, where every minute, you increase the distance by 10 meters. I cried after completing 100m; breathing heavy, I said I couldn’t possibly do any more. Despite utterly embarrassing myself, the coach was so encouraging. My dad promised it would get better, so I kept coming. Seven years later, I am now a coach and the time spent at the gym is my favorite part of the day.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I recently moved to Collegeville and loved finding all the new and delicious food joints, as well as new hiking trails. I love trying absolutely any challenge, whether it is a half marathon, Tough Mudder, Spin class, Barre, or rock climbing.
I genuinely believe in functional fitness. Every day you show up is a humbling experience that makes you stronger and primes you for living a long and healthy life. I have a passion for the sport, and I love challenging myself and others. Every day I am blown away by all the milestones reached in the gym and the supportive community that celebrates with you. Since coming to Limerick Athletics, I have reached multiple milestones through everyday programming and a group of athletes and coaches that work with you to help you reach your goals. As a coach, I hope to be encouraging, supportive, and challenging. I want every person who walks through the door to feel capable and welcome and leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and confidence

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