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About Limerick Athletics

Welcome to Limerick Athletics, where our mission is to empower individuals to transform their lives through functional fitness. Our 4,000 square foot facility in Limerick, PA, is designed to offer a supportive and challenging environment where you can push yourself to new heights.

At Limerick Athletics, you’ll learn how to move your body in the way it was meant to through functional movements. With access to barbells, weights, medicine / wall balls, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, and more, you’ll have the tools you need to challenge yourself physically and neurologically. Whether you’re looking to do your first pull-up, or push yourself to new levels of strength and skill, our community of supportive and knowledgeable coaches is here to help you achieve your goals.

At Limerick Athletics, we celebrate every victory, big or small, and believe that camaraderie and community are key to success. Come be a part of our family and see for yourself what being truly fit is all about.


Our classes

our small group classes are designed to provide personalized attention and ensure that you get the most out of your workout. 

Our classes are structured to include a warm-up, skill work, the workout of the day (WOD), and mobility, allowing you to progress and improve in a variety of areas. Each WOD is designed to last anywhere from a few minutes to 45 minutes, providing a challenging and dynamic workout experience.

We understand that proper technique is essential for your safety and performance, which is why we prioritize ensuring that you are performing each movement correctly. By focusing on technique, you’ll be able to maximize your power output and see better results.

Our Mission is

At Limerick Athletics we will constantly strive to offer the greatest training to our clients, forever expanding our knowledge and practices.

Our Mission is:

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Our Reviews

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Landon Leaver
Landon Leaver
Amazing gym with outstanding coaches!
Qian Zhao
Qian Zhao
OCR course is great.
wayne ramp
wayne ramp
This place is awesome if you are OCR training too
Wayne Ramprashad
Wayne Ramprashad
If you wanna sweat and build power this is the place
Allison McDonald
Allison McDonald
I joined 18 months ago. I went from 2 times per week to 4 after the first year. The coaches are great with pushing you, but also adjusting a workout so that you are successful. The community is great too.
Douglas Allen
Douglas Allen
Really fun place! My trainer was great. He really pushed me to not give up and keep going. Love it here!

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We are located at: 192 West Ridge Pike, Limerick PA 19468